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Get Instant relief from heat
Arctic Cooling Sports Yoga Towel






Arctic Towel! revolutionary way to stay cool, simply wet your Arctic Towel, wring it out and then shake it and snap it. 
This activates a rapid cooling effect based on hyper evaporation that will keep you cool for hours.
Once it stops cooling simply wet and repeat the process. 


The secret’s in the special material and special weaving of the Cooling Towel that allows moisture to absorb into the inner parts of the of the fabric. 
But It stays cool to the touch





Use if for:

Hot summer days.
working out in the sun
exercising – push yourself like never before by keeping cool,
as a swimming towel
Makes a great travel towel – it’s lightweight, small and portable plus it will absorb 5 times the water as cotton
heat flashes
heat exhaustion
sooth burns – it’s a must for a first aid kid and a 72 hour pack – You have a warming towel and blanket why not a cooling towel?






These are the best towels on the market. Before designing and producing these towels we mad sure to try every single towel out there to insure that we would have the best cooling towels in the word. No other towel comes close to the cooling effect and quality of our towels.

Benefits for the cooling towels:

  • Reduce heat stress- Heat can cause great stress - the towel can be a stress reliever

  • Ease minor burns - Cool and sooth minor burns like sun-burns.

  • Traveling - lightweight space age material is great for traveling because it saves space.

  • Sports - Keep going by staying cool during extreme activity

  • Workouts - Bring it longer and harder by using the towel with your P90X workouts

  • Running & Hiking - Lightweight and very comfortable towel keeps you dry and cool.

  • Swimming - towel dry much faster - and the towel will dry faster than normal towels

  • Feels much cooler than ambient air

  • Wear for hours or use for quick relief

  • Advanced Space Age material better than anything out there.

  • Great for-yoga - nothing more relaxing than staying dry with a nice soft cool towel.

Cooling Towel Close Up Cooliong Towel picture

US Orders of the Arctic Cooling Towel Ships From Las Vegas, Nevada

Cooling Towels

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Are you hot and/or sweaty?

Shake off the heat by using the Arctic cooling towel.
Experience quick cooling relief lasting hours by using your Arctic Towel
All you do is:
Soak it
wring it out.
and snap it! Or shake it.
The cooling affect lasts for hours and can be reactivated by re-snapping or re-shaking the towel at any time.
The towels are made of a Space-age, lightweight material that stays cool, yet doesn't feel wet to the touch, and doesn't require ice or refrigerator.
Use it for:
· Reducing heat stress
· Easing minor burns
· Traveling –(lightweight and portable)
· Menopause symptoms like Hot flashes
· Avoiding or recovering from heat exhaustion
· Sports – Running, Cycling, Hiking, Swimming
· Workouts
· Lightweight Backpacking Towel
· Relieve aching muscles
· Heat Stroke
· Save money on Air-Conditioning bills.
Comfort - Feels much cooler than ambient air
Sweat – the towel works much better than cotton towels
Save money – in the car or at home on Air conditioning


 when in the city by using the towels instead of you’re a/c (it’s proven that when in the city it’s more economical to have your windows down instead of using you’re a/c and we have put this one to the test. 

Me and my family use it every day – and since we started using these towels our A/C costs have been cut in half





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